Announce digital assessment to scheduling (secure Chromebooks)

Be sure to indicate to your faculty scheduler that you intend to have your exam performed digitally. This prompts them to start a digital assessment procedure and arrange for the presence of e-supervisors.

If the exam has already been scheduled as a written exam in any of the rooms of the Educatorium, your faculty scheduler can convert it into a digital assessment. This is possible up until two weeks before the scheduled date of the exam. Please note that two weeks is not a lot of time to prepare a digital exam, especially if this is your first time performing a digital assessment. We recommend you sit down with your key user well ahead of time.

  • Resits, exams for students who get extra time, and secure digital reviews should all be announced to scheduling as well. Appropriately small-scale assessment facilities are available for such events.

    The Educate-it website has a list of all the steps that must be completed to conduct a digital assessment.