Wednesday, April 2, 2020: Release

On March 29 a release of Remindo was released online. This means you may encounter small changes in the software. We are working hard to keep the support site up to date during this time, but ask for your understanding that the information is not yet available. We recommend that you ask your key-user for help if you have any questions.

Monday 30 March 2020: New documents available.

Documents about Assessment or insight in your test at home can be found under Support documents.

Tuesday 24 March 2020: Announcement activity

(the activity ran from 24 – 30 March; we will inform you when there are new activities) From the 24th till the 27th of March from 14.00 – 15.00 there will be an Info- and question hour Online Asessment. For more information and access, see:

Tuesday 17 March 2020, update on coronavirus measures

What should I think of when I want to change my exam to an online (open book) exam or another summative assignment that can be carried out at home?

It is important to keep in mind that the entire course, including the final assessment, should meet the requirements of constructive alignment: the learning objectives should align with the learning activities of the course. Assessments should align with learning objectives and learning activities as well, on different levels. Another form of assessment will not always be an option, as the learning activities may already have been focused on the previous assessment. If you want to change the current assessment, please review what you can do in this period of time (non-crucial education and assessments can be postponed. If you want to differ from current assessments, this needs to be submitted to the Executive Board):

If you want to change an assessment, keep in mind that the assessment aligns with the level of learning objectives of the course and corresponding activities. Prepare students for the new form of assessment they can expect. You should also consider the resources students will have available at home.

How do I create a good take home exam or open book exam?
Information on phrasing of questions for different forms of assessment can be found in the Educational Consultancy & Professional Development handouts.

Please note! A take home exam or open book exam (almost) always calls for higher cognitive skills, which means the level of the exam is (almost) always higher. For that reason, changing the form of assessment is not always possible. Invest in online practice material, so students can keep on learning and have the possibility to take the exam at another time.

Do you need help?
If you need educational advice on whether to change the form of assessment, you can send an email to Your question will be forwarded to the Educational Consultancy & Professional Development department.

News on the coronavirus situation
All summative digital exams are cancelled until 20 April 2020, so we offer you a number of alternatives below:

  1. Online open book exams can be taken at home via test software Remindo on the students’ computer. Students fill in their answers online and are allowed to use all available resources.
  2. An exam that is already set up in Remindo. This alternative can only be used in case it can be changed into an “open book/resources” version, so students can take the exam at home on their computers. This needs to be done in the given time slot. Keep in mind that Internet security and surveillance as it is available in examination rooms is not available. Think about changing questions to open questions, essay questions or other phrasing of questions that can’t be looked up on the Internet and makes committing fraud harder.
  3. Assignments to get grades: Think of writing an essay, creating a poster, giving an online presentation, or providing each other with feedback (in order to get a grade). The assignments can be handed in via Blackboard and can be provided with feedback. For assignments, several other tools can be used. See Educate-it’s tool guide.
  4. Alternative solutions: For some courses, there is no possibility to take online assessments via Remindo or Blackboard. Math exams, for example, or parts of science and physics, in which formulas or drawing structures are very important. Solutions could be found in letting students record their screens or taking videos or pictures of their written formulas on paper and share them with their lecturer.
  • Lecturers who would like to receive educational advice on the alternatives above, can contact
  • If a lecturer wants to reschedule the exam to the digital examination room, this process follows the regular way of facultative planning.
  • More information can be found on the intranet page Distance Learning.

Remindo news

  • Since the 29th of November 2019 a new English version of the Student instruction Remindo is available here.
  • Releases for Remindo: On the 2nd of February 2020 Remindo implemented the newest release. This document illustrates which features were included. On the 2nd of November 2019, Remindo implemented a release. This document illustrates which features were included. / On the 4th of May 2019, an older release of Remindo was implemented. In Short release notes Remindo 19-1 ENG you can read which features were included.
  • Since the 19th of August 2019, the option ‘Negate guessing’ is automatically enabled when adding a new recipe. The reason for this is as follows. When you notice you did not apply the ‘Negate guessing option’ after taking a test and publishing the results, you might still want to do so. You can’t, however, because it will make the grades fall. The opposite is possible: when you have accidentally applied ‘Negate guessing’, and you do not want it, you can modify it and the published grades will go up. On this page, you can find extended information on the negate guessing option. Applying the ‘Negate guessing’ option can still be disabled for taking a test.
  • At the Homepage, step 8, two Excel sheets are available to read in large numbers of questions (multiple-choice and open questions) (24th of July 2019).
  • A new page is available: Insight into a student’s perusal. The page gives insight into what a student sees during a digital perusal. You can find the link to the Dutch page on this page (July 2019). The English page will soon be available.
  • Since the 19th of July 2019, a new version of the Teacher instruction monitoring test taking process is available on this page. New is the information on how to act when a technical malfunction occurs.
  • A new page has been uploaded to the support site, showing all possibilities regarding reading and answering comments made by students on exam questions. Click here to open that page or go to step 6 on the homepage. 6 February
  • Do you want to know how the guessability per question type and score distribution is calculated? Please have a look at the following document (only available in Dutch at the moment): Accountability of guessability in Remindo . You will find the same information on this page6 February
  • When working with Remindo, teachers and supporters often send sensitive information. With SURFfilesender, it is possible to send, for example, exam questions or personal information easily and in a safe manner.